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Multiple procedure pricing packages for Permanent Makeup / Cosmetic Tattooing

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cosmetic tattoo melbourne

Medical Grade Topical Anaesthetics

permanent makeup eyebrows

Premium qualityhypoallergenic permanent makeup pigments

permanent makeup lip tattoo

German engineered 'digital' technology

Naturally enhance your features to achieve effortless beauty with cosmetic tattooing

  • Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos

    • Feathered / Microblading Technique
    • ‘Powder Look’ Shaded Eyebrows
    • Feather / Powder – Combination
    • Block Power Eyebrows
  • Cosmetic Eye Tattoos

    • Lash Line Enhancement
    • Fine Eyeliner
    • Medium to Thick Eyeliner
    • Lower Eyeliner
  • Cosmetic Lip Tattooing

    • Lip Line Definition
    • Lip Line & Blend
    • Full Lip Colour

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  • 17 years Industry experience
  • 10 years freelance in Italy
  • Internationally trained technician
  • Highest quality products & equipment
  • Open 6 days – By Appointment Only
  • Health Department Approved Premises


Customised results using Cutting-edge techniques

Smudgeproof Inc specialists in cosmetic tattooing of permanent makeup in Melbourne including eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos and eyeliner tattooing with techniques using feathering and microblading. We are a Permanent Makeup Studio offering customised, professional results in this transformational 'in-demand' art form. We bring extensive industry experience combined with a passionate focus on enhancing individual facial features to maximise the unique beauty potential of every client. Amazing enhancements are possible with the correction of badly shaped eyebrows which instantly creates a dramatic difference to your overall facial expression. Lips that have lost definition and shape can be coloured and contoured for a more youthful appearance. Eyeliner tattooing whether subtle or bold will define your eyes and ensure perfect lines that won't smudge. Time consuming makeup routines can be eliminated with these innovative cosmetic tattoo techniques.


German engineered advanced 'digital' technology' delivering precise, uniform colour implantation with minimal pain and skin trauma for faster healing following permanent makeup procedures. Sterile, single-use hygienically sealed needle cartridge system provides the ultimate protection in Health & Safety Standards.


We use the highest quality, hypoallergenic US, German & Swiss permanent makeup pigments. Prescription grade topical anesthetics for effective pain management. Single-use sterile procedural items.


Eliminate lengthy beauty routines with professionally applied long lasting semi permanent makeup that won't wash off. Great solution for women with busy lifestyles or vision and dexterity issues.

I am delighted with my new eyebrows. Also my eyeliner and lip tattoos are absolute perfection!

Isabel Nazario

Loving my new Eyeliner. Should have had this done years ago.

Kaz Kelly

I get my eyebrows, eyeliner and lip line done, fabulous job at really reasonable prices.

Sandra Pankhurst

Beautiful work. Very pleased with my natural looking Eyebrows.

Lauriana Francia

Amazing Eyebrow result!.

Lauren Fitzpatrick

Perfectly shaped brows after correction work at Smudgeproof Inc. Great job.

Carmel Tessa Holmes

Absolutely thrilled with my new Eyebrows. Highly experienced technician who takes the time to do perfect work.

Lucy O'Brien

Recently had my eyebrows done and I couldn't be happier!.

Rosemary Gyoles

I can't say thank you enough for making such a beautiful difference to my appearance and self-esteem.

Nisheh Ali

Barbara is an expert in her field. I love my new Lip line and Eyeliner. Confidently recommended.

Trudy Fleming

Professional work at affordable prices. Highly recommended.

Lydia Sandmayor

Great advice and exceptional attention to detail. My expectations were both met and exceeded!.

Carolyn Bickle

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