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Never Underestimatethe power of the brow

Want Melbourne’s best eyebrows? Our signature Feather Touch and Microblading, Powder and Block Eyebrow Tattooing technique is the most beautiful, natural long lasting semi permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoo treatment. Using Microblading with ultra-fine hair strokes we mimic the look of eyebrow hairs for a realistic natural effect.
Eyebrows set the tone for the face and are the most important facial feature for expression. Badly shaped brows can make you look angry. sad, surprised, uncertain or worse. Eyebrows also need to be balanced and well-proportioned to complement the dimensions of your face. The perfect eyebrow will open up your eyes and make you look years younger.
Facial features are carefully studied during the design phase to determine the ideal eyebrow shape, position and thickness best suited to each individual’s unique facial structure.¬† Short, sparse brows can be lengthened, reshaped and filled with fine hair stokes. Droopy brows need lifting and straight brows may be subtly arched to create more movement in the design. Extremely thin brows look outdated and unnatural and radically improve with added thickness for a more realistic, natural effect.
Professional eyebrow design can help you achieve your maximum eyebrow potential and dramatically alter your appearance for the better. Amazing metamorphoses can be achieved with the correct eyebrow for your face shape.
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Microblading also known as Eyebrow Embroidery, Feather stroke and Feather touch. This manual method is performed using a hand tool with a row of multiple super-fine needles commonly referred to as a ‘blade’. The resulting ultra-fine hair strokes mimic the look of eyebrow hairs for a realistic 3-D, natural effect.
The pigment is implanted superficially (compared to the traditional hair-stroke machine method) and is considered semi permanent with results lasting between one and two years. This technique while not new has gained in popularity to become the latest trend in eyebrow tattoo procedures for women looking for beautifully natural results.
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This technique gives a fuller, softer, shadow or powder effect to the eyebrows. It mimics  a pencilled-in eyebrow effect and works well with lighter pigments in particular.
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These two methods combined work well to give added depth, fullness and texture. Fine hair strokes are combined with a softly shaded base.
This can be a great alternative for clients that are happy with soft definition plus hair strokes for a multi-dimensional effect.
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This technique gives a very dramatic and bold effect similar to a heavily-pencilled look for women who prefer a stronger, sharper eyebrow result.
The brows are coloured in a uniform manner without the addition of hair strokes.

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