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Forget the lipstick and live a little...

There’s no denying that beautiful lips are a major focal point of attraction. Although we are not all naturally blessed with gorgeously sensuous lips, cosmetic lip tattoo makeup offers stunning improvements to their overall shape and colour. Ageing lips in particular tend to lose their youthful appearance when the natural lip line diminishes and fading occurs. Semi permanent lip tinting procedures are the perfect, long lasting solution for restoring lost lip contour and colour while correcting asymmetries.
The most natural and uniform results can be achieved with the ‘full lip’ technique similar to the look of lipstick. It is also referred to as ‘full lip blush’ or ‘full lip tint’ due to the softer effects achieved. The ‘lipline’ only or ‘lipline and blend’ technique is great for women who need to redefine the shape only. Colour choices are unlimited and range from super soft lighter tones to the most vibrant shades. Perfectly contoured lips rejuvenate, enhance and beautify your face at any age eliminating the need for traditional cosmetics.

Lip Line Definition

Lips may be contoured with a soft outline using light pigments to create a subtle, natural looking lip tattoo or you may like to colour match your favourite lip pencil to mimic your desired outcome. The use of darker contrasting colours will produce a more dramatic lip tattoo effect which has been used extensively in the past.
A natural look is highly recommended and on-trend for this type of semi permanent lip tattoo procedure. Conventional makeup may then be applied as required for that extra ‘glamour’ suitable for events and evening wear.
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Lip Line and Blend

The ‘lip line and blend’ lip tattoo has added shading to soften the lip line effect and blends into the clients’ own natural lip colour creating the illusion of volume towards the centre of the lips. This technique is ideal for correcting inherent asymmetries and slightly enlarging the lips.
Natural colour choices such as tone on tone look great with lip gloss and work wonders for  smaller, thinner lips.
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Full Lip Colour

This method creates the most natural looking result of all the lip tattoo techniques. It is the best method for adding  colour to pale and/or patchy lips or for those wishing to revive their natural lip colour. The chosen pigment is applied to the entire lip area and successfully mimics the look of a soft lipstick. Colours may be subtle or bold and look beautifully finished with a touch of gloss.
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