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Fine and Winged eyeliner tattoo perfection

Eyeliner Tattoos are Semi Permanent Cosmetic Makeup using tattooing pigment on the eye line of the lashes. You can have fine, thin, medium to thick and winged eye liner style creating the forever beautiful smudge proof, waterproof, long lasting tattoo eyelid liner.
Eyeliner Tattoo Makeup accentuates the colour and shape of your eyes. Beautifully defined eyes give the face an instant ‘lift’ and depth of expression. Eyes appear larger and more alluring when enhanced with a professionally applied eyeliner tattoo to maximise their natural size, shape and colour. Topically applied conventional eye makeup looks great but a cosmetically tattooed eyeliner has the advantage of being waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting. Due to the longevity of these treatments it is best to opt for a subtle enhancement that accentuates your eyes without being over the top.
These eyelid tattoo’s provide great benefits to many people who have allergies or trouble applying  conventional cosmetics and offer an easy, get up and go alternative to the usual morning makeup routine. Choose from a variety of colours to create a soft look or deeper more intense shades for a more dramatic impact.
*Consultations are recommended prior to the semi permanent tattoo procedure to determine the ideal placement option for your individual features.

Lash Line Enhancement

Hypoallergenic, permanent makeup pigments are delicately placed within the lash line only to create an extremely subtle and natural looking effect. This technique creates the appearance of more lashes and is best suited to women who prefer to wear very little makeup. It’s a barely-there approach for natural beauties.
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Fine Eyeliner and Winged Style

Thin eyeliners are particularly recommended for hooded eye shapes that have very little visible space on the upper eyelids. This precise, fine line will enhance the natural eye shape and, if necessary, the addition of a slight ‘wing’ or ‘tail extension’ will  help to elongate the eyes.
A fine eyeliner is a ‘classic’ and a good choice for most eye shapes. It provides subtle definition while eliminating the bland, naked-eye look that many women with few eyelashes have. It’s a timeless look that never looks outdated.
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Medium to Thick Eyeliner and Winged Style

Women who prefer bolder, dramatic makeup usually request thicker eyeliners with winged tails at either straight or upward angles depending on the effect desired. The shape and thickness is custom designed to the individual client requirements with many colours available to choose from.
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Lower Eyeliner

Lower eyelid eyeliner’s do not suit all women. At the time of the consultation, a simulated version of the finished result will determine the ideal placement with careful consideration given to the size and shape of the eyes. Softer colours on the lower eyelid are generally preferable when aiming to maximise the size of the eyes. The darkest pigments will give maximum definition but will further reduce the size of small eyes.
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