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Free consultations to discuss the treatment in detail are advised as the first step prior to booking a cosmetic tattoo procedure. However, doing some research into the process beforehand is always a great place to start building your knowledge base.

The following shortlist of frequently asked questions is designed to help you make an informed decision about permanent makeup services.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to  use the online enquiry form or phone 0449 040 076 to discuss your cosmetic tattoo needs.

What is a cosmetic tattoo?

This type of tattoo technique is performed using hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical grade mineral pigments superficially deposited into the upper dermal layer using the highest quality single-use, sterile needles to mimic conventional makeup for beautiful, long lasting results.

Is it safe?

Cosmetic tattooing is very safe when Health and Safety guidelines are adhered to, including the use of disposable, single-use needles and procedural items along with proper sterilization and disinfection protocols.
The ‘Amiea’ digital machine from MT.Derm is an important piece of equipment that I use for my micropigmentation services. It is a technological masterpiece of german engineering that delivers reliable, high precision results whilst minimising skin trauma and pain with faster healing time post-procedure. More importantly, their unique needle cartridge modules use an ingenious ‘creatip’ system that is hygienically sealed to prevent cross-contamination or backflow issues associated with cheaper, inferior quality equipment often used by cheaper operators to cut costs.
Allergic reactions are extremely rare due to advancements in hypoallergenic pigment technology by reputable industry pigment manufacturers and highlight the importance of utilising top quality materials.

Is it painful?

Sensitivity and pain tolerance differs widely amongst individuals but with the use of prescription grade topical numbing solutions prior to and during the treatment, any discomfort is greatly reduced to maximise client comfort.

Is it expensive?

State-of-the-art equipment and sterile single-use materials along with the quality pigments used by the professional cosmetic tattooist are reflected in the price. However, the long lasting nature of these treatments make them a very economical proposition and provide the client with extra piece of mind where Health & Safety Hygiene Standards are concerned. Many clients may be tempted to look for the cheapest price on the market when deciding on having a permanent makeup procedure but this should not be the first priority considering the longevity of a cosmetic tattoo.
Unfortunately, some clients may end up with unflattering, unnatural results that are extremely difficult and costly to correct thus highlighting the need to research your technician carefully across a wide range of criteria to ensure that you obtain beautiful, natural results that will enhance your features.

How long does it last?

Pigments fade with time and the exact timing of this process differs from client to client depending on many factors including; the shade of the colour used, thickness of the skin in the area treated along with sun exposure etc. Periodic ‘retouches’ are advised to keep your result looking fresh and beautiful.